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: enhanced time tracking module for Sage 100 ERP
What is Timekeeper?
If your company provides billable services and employs remote staff, keeping your billing and payroll straight is constantly going to be a difficult task. When you bill your customers for time-based projects and rely on out-of-office employees to process sales and work orders, you are going to look for ways to use the same employee time entered for both billing purposes and payroll. With the proper software and hardware, your company can quickly and inexpensively process time and expenses for both payroll and billing without entering the data twice. Timekeeper gives your employees the tools they need to maintain an accurate and comprehensive account of their time and expenses, wherever they are - whether they are sitting at their desks or out in the field.

Timekeeper is fully integrated with Sage 100 ERP mas90 program by Sage Software, allowing you to process all time/expense information not just for billable invoices, but also for payroll.
Why use Timekeeper?
Unlike most software products that can be installed only in a workstation environment, the Timekeeper module allows you to choose whichever time and expense entry methods best fit your company.
  • Timekeeper Module
    As a standard module running on a workstation connected to Sage 100 ERP
  • Timekeeper Entry
    On a laptop without requiring the employee to be logged into Sage 100 ERP
  • .timekeeper
    Through the .timekeeper feature, which allows your employees to enter data via the Internet and is compatible with iPhone.
  • Timekeeper Worksheet    (See the video!)
    This enhancement to Timekeeper gives the user a spreadsheet view of employee time and expenses. The web component provides the same speardsheet view, accessed through your web browser.
Who is Timekeeper for?
Timekeeper is for any company that bills clients for projects based on time, that wants to eliminate double entry of time data for payroll, or that employs staff that work outside of the office.
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