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Use Timekeeper with MAS 90/200 or by itself; on PDAs or online... and stop losing your billable time!
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Integrate Timekeeper with the Payroll module in Best's MAS90/ MAS200 to manage billing and payroll from the same data source.
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  So, your company collects employee time cards, reviews the information to determine hours that are billable to customers, creates invoices for billable hours, and enters receivables into your accounting system. Why not let your time-tracking, accounting system do the hard work for you? By integrating Timekeeper, the most flexible time-tracking software, with MAS90 / MAS200, the standard accounting solution in today's market, your employees enter data once but the information is used multiple times throughout your business practices.

How Integrating Timekeeper with MAS 90/200 Works
ACME Customized Software Solutions has been relying on their MAS90 solution for their payroll and accounting processes for years. With MAS 90, they have been able to enter employee information for payroll purposes, store customer information for billing purposes, and create accounts for payables and receivables. As ACME Customized Software Solutions' client base grew, they needed to maintain better records of time spent on different customer projects.

By integrating Timekeeper with their MAS90 solution, ACME Customized Software Solutions did not have to recreate a database of all clients since the information was already available in MAS 90. The Timekeeper program accessed the information that was already available. ACME Customized Software Solutions created several activities and expense categories as either billable or non-billable. Activities can include any design plans for software solutions and actual programming time. Expenses can include airline costs and hotel charges used to visit clients.

When employees enter their times spent on projects, the time entered is set at a billing rate configured for the level of the employee. For example, a senior programmer's time spent on a project is set at a higher billing rate than an entry-level programmer's time. Employees simply select the different activities and expenses from configurable list fields available in the program, and enter the time spent on an activity or the cost of the expense. This information is used to create invoices in the Accounts Receivable module of the MAS90 program. As a result, ACME Customized Software Solutions is able to create accurate billing statements for clients.

Not only are the time-entries available for the Accounts Receivable module, but the data entered in Timekeeper is also available for the MAS 90 Payroll module. So, ACME Customized Software Solutions can easily handle accurate payroll and billing with single-entry data.
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